What can you do with 3D Transformer?

3D Transformer is a handy web app and Figma plugin that allows you to transform your image to a beautiful 3D mockup. Apply a 3D rotation effect to any image or screenshot and create beautiful mockups for your landing page, portfolio, and design work. The 3D rotation generator works 100% online and it's 100% free.

Who is behind 3D Transformer?

Hi! I'm Jim Raptis, the creator behind 3D Transformer. I built this app to help designers create beautiful 3D rotation effects for their mockups in seconds and without any design skills.

Do you have a Figma plugin for 3D Transformer?

Of course, you can install the 3D Transformer Figma plugin by following this link

Do you have other similar apps?

Currently I'm a fulltime solo maker and building MagicPattern and Brandbird.